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    If you are reading my website maybe you are not feeling 100% at the moment and are looking for something to increase your well-being. If this is the case, then I am really looking forward to helping you using Bach Flower Remedies.
    You will be able to cope with stress and stressful situations; overcome your fears as well as panic; increase your confidence and be more successful in relationships; fulfil your potential; restore balance.
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    In the 30s Dr. Bach discovered the healing power of wild plants, trees and bushes, found in the fields for the well-being of all. His keyword was simplicity and still nowadays Practitioners are trained to follow his method. Read More
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    When fully immersed in a situation, it can be difficult to be emotionally detached and to make considerate decisions about what to do. By talking about it with me, you will have the opportunity to share your emotions and look at your situation from a neutral point of view. Together, we will then select the appropriate Remedies to start your healing process, immediately after the consultation. Read More
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  • For fears and worries of unknown origin


    • Fear
  • For discouragement and despondency


    • Uncertainty
  • For obsessive thoughts

    White Chestnut

    • Disinterest
  • For people who hide problems behind a cheerful face


    • Over Sensitivity
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Although a personalised mix of remedies is recommended, here is a little guideline with examples of the often most appropriate remedies for symptoms or problems. The choice of the appropriate remedies ultimately depends on the outlook on life and emotions of the person in distress.


Oak is the most recommended as it is for people who never rest.



If a person is cold and very ambitious Vine could help, while Holly is better if the person is highly competitive and gets easily angry.



Elm helps in cases of overwhelming feelings of stress, Impatiens when others' pace is found irritating, Olive in cases of tiredness, Oak when the stress is caused by strong sense of duty.



If caused by an unstoppable flow of thoughts White Chestnut is recommended; if related to mental tiredness or boredom Hornbeam is the best choice.



Walnut helps in cases of a runny nose.



For indigestion Gentian is recommended, for Hypocondria Aspen is very helpful.

Other common problems that can be treated are backache, toothache, skin problems, allergies... there is a remedy for every condition!



Usually Red Chestnut can help both the baby and the mother.

Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties

Clematis helps in case the child is absent-minded and attention deficient, Chestnut Bud improves the learning capability and increases the attention.



Mimulus can help when the child's stutter is due to shyness, while Cherry Plum is preferable if it's due to extreme self-control.



Vervain is usually recommended for a child who cannot stop and relax.



Agrimony is usually recommended for addictions.

sleeping problems

Sleeping Problems

Insomnia and jet-lag can be treated with Walnut; for sleep-walking Cherry Plum or Aspen are useful while Rock Rose, Aspen or Cherry Plum are helpful for nightmares.

eating disorders

Eating Disorders

Crab Apple helps in cases of dislike and disgust of one's body, Heather for binge-eating due to lack of attention, Scleranthus for the alternation of anorexia and bulimia.

sexual problems

Sexual Problems

Impatiens can help in case of premature ejaculation, Water Violet in case of frigidness or detachment. Mimulus, Aspen or Rock Rose can help those who fear sexual intercourse.